'Biodiversity in Good Company' Coordinates New Platform for Business and NGOs


Enterprise Biological Diversity 2020:

'Biodiversity in Good Company' Coordinates New Platform for Business and NGOs

Many companies in Germany contribute to biodiversity protection as mandated by law and many of these have joined the 'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative. Yet major challenges for mobilizing broad business action remain. Against the background of the target year 2020 of the Strategic Plan and CBD Decision X/21, the German Government is increasing its efforts to expand sustainable and structured dialogue with business in order to mobilize further commitment beyond Germany‚Äôs current advanced regulations. Germany disposes of a rich spectrum of of business federations, nature conservancy organizations and (public) authorities. A new project, "Unternehmen Biologische Vielfalt 2020" ("Enterprise Biological Diversity 2020"), initiated by the Federal Environment Ministry, was set up as a dialogue and action platform for these groups in order to encourage exchange and cooperation and tangible action.

'Biodiversity in Good Company' is both a supporter and partner as well as the coordination office for this process. Quite a number of the most important business federations and nature conservancy organizations with a broad outreach already particpate actively. 

"Unternehmen Biologische Vielfalt 2020" was officially launched during the 5th National Forum on Biodiversity in Berlin on 5 March 2013. The Forum, attended by the then Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier, included high-level representatives from the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK), the World Wide Fund for Nature and others. 

The new platform aims to:

  • Implement the German National Strategy on Biological Diversity by creating a long-term sustainable structure as a new interface
  • Complement existing activities, such as the Biodiversity in Good Company initiative, by taking a broader approach, i.e. to reach those not yet committed
  • Focus on systematically involving business federations (cross-sectorial and sector-specific) and using the wealth of organizations for creating synergies
  • Hold dialogue and take tangible action on the basis of voluntary commitment to strengthen the diversity of nature and landscapes in Germany through integration of economic, environmental and societal values.

For futher information about the platform do not hesitate to contact our office.