Business and Biodiversity: Vision and Goals

Vision and Goals

Our vision for 2030

Successful business practices contribute to the protection and promotion of biodiversity.
Nature conservation and the economy are two sides of the same coin.

“Eco” is the new normal
The way products are manufactured and raw materials are extracted protects and promotes biodiversity around the world.

Facilitating sustainable business
Companies that operate within the planetary boundaries and protect biodiversity have an economic advantage.
For the benefit of our members, we work to promote incentives for nature-based business policies.
We take a stand against measures that damage biodiversity and highlight effective alternatives.

True cost accounting
Profits at the expense of the environment are no longer an option, as companies have to bear and price in the ecological and social costs.

An intermediary between business, government and politics
The private sector and the protection of the environment are not in competition with each other. Our members work with the government and policymakers to support a sustainable transformation of the economy that benefits both business and the environment.

A home for like-minded companies
Companies that are aware of their responsibility and embrace biodiversity protection as part of their corporate philosophy will find a home in our association. This approach resonates with similar initiatives in other countries.

Credibility in the eyes of consumers
Consumers know that our members take biodiversity protection seriously and take this factor into account in their purchasing decisions.

[Adopted at the 2021 General Meeting, finalised in March 2022]