Business and Biodiversity: Leadership Commitment and Progress Reports

Leadership Commitment and Progress Reports

Individual Commitment to Action

Thus, signing the Leadership Commitment and reporting on its implementation is at the core of the initiative.

'Biodiversity in Good Company' is a forum for exchange of experience and knowhow, joint activities and creating awareness for the goal of biodiversity conservation. At the same time, by joining the network, every company expresses its individual commitment to improving its biodiversity performance. The members take responsibility and want to inspire other businesses to do so, as well. 

Below you will find the Progress Reports to the Leadership Declaration (alphabetic list). The reports have to meet the guideline for progress reporting.

In most cases, the corporate sustainability management and thus also management of biological diversity is based on extensive processes in companies, where material issues, targets, and measures are defined. Reports cannot reflect the full scope of these processes. If you have questions going beyond the information you can find in the Progress Reports, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Current reports

Reports from previous years/archive