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Be a Pioneer – Become a Member

The network is open to companies that

  • are committed to supporting our non-for-profit purposes and to contributing to the protection of biodiversity according to our statutes (German only)
  • recognize the significance of the goals and values outlined in the Initiative's Mission Statement;
  • sign the Initiative's Leadership Declaration and agree to report on their individual progress every two years 
  • share our New Vision to 2030
  • are willing to take part as regularly as possible in 2-3 members' workshops annually
  • are prepared to support our non-for-profit activities through a yearly membership fee.

Approval of new members is up to board decision. We are looking forward to talking to you about membership possibilities either personally or on the phone. You are invited to download, fill out and send the Membership Application to our coordination office in Berlin.

Your Benefits

Members demonstrate through their contribution that they are committed to the non-for-profit purpose our our institution. The Initiative offers not only a centrally and strategically located headquarters directly in the heart of Berlin, but it also brings with it to the table a strong reputation, a first-rate network and dialogue with stakeholders and decision-makers. You are part of a group of progressive companies that are improving their sustainability profiles by implementing the Leadership Declaration. What we do:

  • Awareness raising through development and distribution of information and good practice examples for biodiversity management (publications, events, projects, website)
  • Exchange of ideas – through regular members meetings and workshops
  • Practical orientation – participation in biodiversity management projects
  • Coordination – through the Berlin office
  • National and global networking – integration into co-operations with national and international partners from politics, academia and society, such as ministries, the secretariat of the CBD, government agencies or nature conservation associations. 

Including biodiversity protection in your company’s strategy pays off by:

  • Improving your efficiency – by improving and expanding your environmental management systems and using resources more efficiently;
  • Long-term competitiveness – by farsighted adjustment of your products, sustainable methods of production and anticipation of regulations;
  • Credible communication and improved image – by taking nature conservation into account in your company's management you will make an observable contribution in the public eye to both community and society;
  • Motivated employees – an active environmental policy positively influences the work atmosphere in your company;
  • Showing action – by proactively approaching new challenges instead of merely reacting to circumstances.

Get Involved. The United Nations has declared 2010 – 2020 to be the UN Decade on Biodiversity. The business world should be and must be better incorporated into the implementation of the “Convention on Biological Diversity”. We invite all other pioneer companies of all sizes to join the ‘Biodiversity in Good Company’ Initiative. Companies and ecosystems are interdependent. Companies not only have an impact on the earth's biodiversity and ecosystems, but they also depend upon these systems in many different ways – be it directly from fresh water, wood, fibre, food or indirectly from flood protection and erosion control.

At the same time, public awareness about biodiversity protection as an important issue is on the rise. This is increasing pressure on political actors and businesses. The business world is increasingly confronted with the issue and your company is under pressure from many sides to take real and meaningful actions. 

Be a Pioneer – Do It Your Way. Each company is different. Each industry has its own conditions and challenges. Membership is not about being a perfect company. It is about the goal of wanting to be better.



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Membership application form.
Please download and save the PDF first. Then you can complete the form and save it. The form is in German. A new English version is under preparation.

Membership fee regulations can be found here (in German). If you need assistance, contact us!