Business and Biodiversity: Information modules basic knowledge

Information modules basic knowledge

Basic knowledge for companies – information modules

What do companies have to do with biodiversity and how should they get involved? "Basic knowledge: companies and biodiversity" is a series of short, cross-industry information modules for companies interested in finding out more on this topic.

The modules offer guidance, suggestions and advice, helpful not only for large, but also smaller businesses. We originally published a German version of these publications in the framework of a project promoted by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment. This is an English edition of the series, slightly adapted for international use. 

Module 1 General Introduction: "Biodiversity and ecosystem services – this is the business of business"

Module 2: "Greening company premises – Going into action on your own doorstep" 

Module 3: "Biodiversity in the value and supply chains – Overview of the challenges" 

Module 4: "Green, greener, greenest? Biodiversity as a topic for credible corporate communications"

Module 5: "In good shape for the natural environment: working with the workforce to protect biodiversity" 

Further individual topics to follow which will also be made available for downloading.