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Why we get involved

Imagine you want to have a snack for lunch, but your plate is a third empty. This is not as far-fetched as it sounds: a good 30 percent of our food can only thrive if our plants are pollinated - especially by bees.

Without insects, first and foremost wild bees and honey bees, many delicious foods would be missing from your plate. In addition to honey bees, around 580 species of wild bees in Germany perform outstandingly well every day in pollinating our food. What's more, by pollinating wild plants, they also ensure that our ecosystems remain in balance.

That is why BeeHome by Pollinature, a subsidiary of Wildbiene+Partner, is implementing a holistic strategy for a future with wild bees: With well-founded educational work, active and targeted propagation of wild bees and with the creation of wild bee habitats, the young company contributes to ensuring that the pollinators in Germany do not disappear in the future. All of this should be fun and encourage people to engage more with our nature. We empower people to promote biodiversity at home by sharing our passion for wild bees, creating real and digital experiences with nature.

The start of a wild bee adventure: With a wild bee house "BeeHome", interested people can actively propagate wild bees at home and thus contribute to safe and sustainable pollination in Germany. The BeeHome includes a voucher for a starting population of at least 30 mason bee cocoons. These are well protected in their cocoons in winter dormancy at the time of dispatch in spring. Each spring the mason bees hatch, pollinate the plants in their vicinity and reproduce. The mason bee is one of 580 native wild bee species and the ideal pollinator in fruit and berry cultivation. It is already active at lower temperatures and in poorer weather conditions and pollinates much more efficiently than honey bees.

Sustainability as a business core and in the value chain: In harmony with nature, we are committed to a future with wild bees and promote biodiversity. For the production of our wild bee houses, we use sustainable, certified or recyclable materials. Locality, short distances, quality and social responsibility are a matter of course for us. Each BeeHome is the result of careful handicraft in social workshops in Germany.

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Konstanz, Germany

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Online business for biodiversity products (wild bee houses, incl. mason bee)

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4.113.000 Euro

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