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A Passion for Nature.

A sense of awareness and responsibility towards the environment, nature, plants, animals and man – this is the guiding principle underlying Pharmos Natur’s philosophy at all stages of the value added chain.

Today, in cooperation with around 200 farmers and their families in the most varied regions of the world such as Ecuador, Nepal, Mexico, Sri Lanka and Peru, the company cultivates particularly valuable plants and fruits under strict organic conditions – without the use of chemical sprays and in harmony with nature, to safeguard biodiversity.

In the process, the company makes use of the knowledge of ancient civilizations. For this reason, aloe vera, for example, is sourced from the humid tropical landscapes of Central America. Original varieties of black sesame seeds come from the high-energy Himalayas, burdock from Germany and the old medicinal plants elderflower and juniper from the Alpine region.

On the basis of close collaboration, the small farmers are able to supply consistently high quality which means they receive fair prices, far in excess of the otherwise customary payments. This, in turn, encourages their strong commitment to ensuring the healthy growth of the plants under ideal conditions. Company-sponsored projects also allow children from these families to receive education and training.

From planting to harvesting, product processing to marketing, the company would like to make its own contribution to achieving an ecological, economic and social balance.

Bearing responsibility for man and nature also means cultivating relationships based in all respects on fairness and partnership – with employees, suppliers, producers and consumers. This is possible thanks to mutual trust, sound agreements and common visions.

Biological cultivation projects which take local biodiversity into account and follow the guidelines of fair trade have for many years been the foundation of Pharmos Natur’s activities.


Pharmos Natur has set itself the target of widening its view of holistic correlations and therefore acting responsibly.

When all natural conditions are taken into account, a form of coexistence and collaboration ensues which mutually benefits man, nature and the environment. Global commitment in conjunction with strong regional ties leads to the building of “bridges” between different civilizations.

The objective, to achieve optimum product quality, is seen as the best way to express the company philosophy. All plants and fruits retain their complex natural state, and the entire spectrum of their active ingredients is exploited. That is why biodiversity is important to every aspect of a holistic approach.

By participating in the 'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative, Pharmos Natur would like to help win over an ever wider audience for this subject.

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Bernried am Starnberger See, Germany

Major procucts

Global turnover 2019
app. 5.9 million euro

Global employees 2019
50 plus direct cooperations with smallholder farmers