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Without Biological Diversity No Economic Diversity

Protecting our "natural capital": The 'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative is a cross-sectorial collaboration of companies that have joined forces to protect and sustainably use our worldwide biological diversity. Through this commitment they contribute to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Its aim is to halt the dramatic loss of ecosystems, species and genetic diversity. Read more about the initiative Become a member

Basic knowledge for companies – information modules

What do companies have to do with biodiversity and how should they get involved? "Basic knowledge: companies and biodiversity" is a series of short, cross-industry information modules for companies interested in finding out more on this topic. Read

Please note the English and Japanese website provide some basic information on the initiative. The German website is more comprehensive.

Statement by Susanne Horn, General Agent of Neumarkter Lammsbräu

(Susanne Horn, General Agent of Neumarkter Lammsbräu

»Doing business in line with nature means above all to preserve our natural sources of life. One substantial aspect hereby is the protection and preservation of biodiversity to which we are dedicated with various activities.« 

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  • WWF releases Living Planet Report 2016

    On 27 October 2016, WWF released the "Living Planet Report 2016: Risk and resilience in a new era". The 2016 report claims to be an essential assessment of the state of the planet and demonstrates the high amount of evidence showing the earth system is under increasing threat.

  • Study in Nature on main causes for biodiversity loss

    Overexploitation and agriculture by far the biggest drivers of biodiversity loss, says a recent study in Nature.

  • GIZ goes urban gardening!

    Fostering biodiversity is an important part of the corporate responsibility goals at GIZ. This includes the company sites: GIZ's employees recently established a gardening project in Bonn.

  • Natural Capital Protocol launched

    On 13 July 2016, the Natural Capital Coalition launched the so-called Natural Capital Protocol (NCP), a standardized framework for natural capital assessment.

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