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Why and how we get involved

One climate summit is following the other. While we have the attempt to push the climate protection we forget about another ecological problem: the species extinction. From our point of view, as a sustainable tour operator it is our duty to focus on exactly this issue. The climate protection is a problem which needs to be solved by shipping companies, automotive manufacturers and airlines primarily.

Our guests love nature whether they do nature hikes, safaris, culture trips, educational journeys or family trips. If nature is not in good order anymore or even destroyed, tour operators will have to search for new job opportunities. This is why we have to take on responsibility for the protection of nature and its species. Here, we have way more influence compared to climate protection. That does not mean that each and every one of us has to buy and reforest his or her own land. There are many different possibilities to engage for nature and wildlife conservation both in the office and while travelling.

We involve our guests in nature conservation in order to increase their awareness of the importance of protecting animals and plants. This is much easier when they are on holiday – travellers are more open-minded than in their stressful everyday life. Our team receives very good feedback from our guests who plant a rainforest tree themselves. To be honest, who does not like to be so close to nature, grab a spade and does a job that pays well? In this manner, a meadow develops into a forest that is home to various species. Our guests love it! Within three years, we have reforested approximately 8,5 hectares of rainforest. Recently, we bought another 23 hectares in order to transform a former passion fruit plantation into new rainforest.

The benefit is obvious: The causal connection of tourism and nature conservation is very easy to represent. It is even easier than with regard to climate protection. For example, if our guests locate and observe one of the rare rhinos, they start being concerned – they want to protect it so that their grandchildren will also be able to go on safari. We are convinced that such projects are long-lasting and effective. If a tour operator claims that he has saved three rhinos from poaching, this is easier to communicate than having saved one hundred tons of CO². Through wildlife conservation in tourism, animals and plants are given a value for the locals.

travel-to-nature believes that we have to take sustainable use of nature in order to protect it in the long term. Of course, the idea of nature conservation should also be firmly anchored in the corporate philosophy. Anyone who is not one hundred percent serious will realize that greenwashing is discovered quickly and sanctioned negatively. But those who act transparent like we do will enjoy nature conservation with their company. To encourage others to take action, we are happy having joined the initiative “Biodiversity in Good Company”.



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