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Are you interested in what links chocolate production and environmental protection? Ritter SPORT has been interested in this for many years and is actively involved in the preservation of biodiversity.

For years now, Ritter SPORT has anchored environmentally friendly action in its mission statement. The company considers the protection of natural resources, which includes the preservation of biological diversity, to be one of the most important challenges of the future.

As a member of the 'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative, and for the implementation of its Leadership Declaration, Ritter SPORT has agreed to evaluate its activities and their effects on biodiversity. The knowledge gained will be passed on to the management board and will serve as the basis for possible further activities.

With its Code of Conduct, the chocolate manufacturer informs its suppliers of the corporate goals regarding the protection of species that are incorporated into their activities. Furthermore, the company continuously examines cooperation possibilities with non-governmental organisations and the economic benefits of such a cooperation.

In order to make the success of Ritter SPORT in the fields of biodiversity and sustainability visible, the company focuses on key areas. Based on the progression of the projects in these key areas, the development is analysed and, if deemed necessary, adjusted every two to three years.

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Our Targets

  • We aim to increase the proportion of organic basic materials within our entire supply of basic materials, because we believe that organic quality is going to become the highest standard.
  • By paying fair prices and offering additional services on-the-spot, we hope to motivate farmers to increase the cultivation of organic cocoa, in particular in the rain forest regions of Nicaragua.
  • We continuously try to save energy during the process of chocolate production.

Our Motivation

Protecting the natural sources of all life has become one of the most urgent tasks facing us today. Although, investments in environmental protection represent an initial burden on earnings, we are convinced that measures undertaken in this area will pay for themselves in the long-run.

Our Focus

In 1989/1990, we established an agro forestry operation development project in Nicaragua (CACAONI CA) to educate farmers about growing organic cocoa and to establish cooperatives for trading. The burning of rain forest was stopped and further sources of income were generated.

Energy efficiency investments:
Combustion and geothermal power, solar and photovoltaic energy. We are the first company in our business sector to be accredited according to the ecology audit report in 1996.

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Waldenbuch, Baden Württemberg, Germany

Major Products
Chocolate bars

Global turnover 2017
482 million Euro

Global employees 2017