Aleph: Biodiversity Conservation Weeks in Ecorin Village – Learn, Think, Act and Enjoy

Aleph Inc. has set up “Biodiversity conservation weeks in Ecorin Village” between 18th of May to 2nd of June. Ecorin Village is a kind of Eco theme park with agricultural shows, environmental events, garden area, shop and two restaurants. Throughout these weeks, Aleph Inc. provides three varieties of activities which we are participating with <link http: en home _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>“The Green Wave 2013"

18th of May: Opening ceremony consisting of the planting of native trees 
Planting of native trees with local children, under the joint auspices of <link http: _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>undefinedOISCA International, Hokkaido branch, including guided tour through the area where the native northern plants, flora and fauna are exhibited. The Ecorin village area originally has old stone monuments including horse head Kannon (Goodness of mercy) which is considered the deity of farmers, guardian deity of children and other monuments. Around 60 people will participate.

25th of May: Eradication activity of naturalized Buff-tailed Bumblebees (Bombus Terrestris)Eradication campaign involving local people of alien bumblebee specie naturalized in Hokkaido, Japan since 2005. Hokkaido has 11 types of native bumblebees and Bombus Terrestris is threating those pollinator species of native plants. We have alien species eradication activity to let participants know what kinds of problems are happening for our nature and Hokkaido’s native species.

Mainly there are four problems the alien species cause:
1. Colonisation of natives species nest.
2. Alien parasitism can cause disease in native species because of their non-immune system against these diseases.
3. Mating with natives species can cause extinction or gene problem.
4. Stealing nectar of native flowers, causes non pollination for the plants and the extinction of other pollinator species who use the same native flowers.

1st and 2nd June: Fuyumizu-tambo - Transplant Rice Seedlings
Winter-flooded rice-paddies, function as an agricultural wetland with a diverse ecosystem and demonstrated winter flooded rice paddies (Fuyumizu-Tambo). Including exhibitions about biodiversity activity of Aleph and why it is important to their business model. The exhibition will be held inside the greenhouse near Fuyumizu-Tambo.

Newsletters for our restaurants released about International Day for Biological Diversity. Through these activities, Aleph Inc. wants to inspire and motivate people to think and act for biodiversity conservations with include as much information about sustainable agriculture connected to their restaurant business.