SuMi TRUST received the "Olive Leaf Award"


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SuMi TRUST received the "Olive Leaf Award"

Toru Takakura, Managing Director of SuMi TRUST, received the "Olive Leaf Award” from the Secretary General of WWF Japan

SuMi TRUST received the "Olive Leaf Award", the second best prize given to excellent Japanese companies in terms of biodiversity activities, which were determined by the WWF Japan. The WWF Japan went over 1,818 companies listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange based on open information in various reports such as environmental reports, integrated reports and websites, and selected 9 companies.

The Olive Leaf Awards were given to four companies which were evaluated to have implemented far better activities than other companies in the same sector. Apart from SuMi TRUST, Kao, Ricoh and Aeon got this award, meanwhile Kirin Holdings got the best one called the "King of beasts award".

WWF Japan's reason for the decision to award SuMi TRUST: SuMi TRUST tackled the concept of "natural capital" by not only identifying risks of the upstream of supply chain, but developing financial products reflected on it at the first time in the financial sector. The more properly ecosystems are evaluated in the context of natural "capital", the more properly natural resources which are produced and procured in the sustainable way are evaluated. SuMi TRUST are playing the role to promote it.