einhorn products GmbH becomes a member of 'Biodiversity in Good Company' with its fairstainability approach


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einhorn products GmbH becomes a member of 'Biodiversity in Good Company' with its fairstainability approach

7 Sept 2016 – einhorn products GmbH joins the 'Biodiversity in Good Company' initiative today, and signs the “Leadership Declaration”, which makes it the first classic start-up to become a member of the company network. The initiative brings together pioneering companies from a range of sectors with a shared commitment to biodiversity and the protection of our “natural capital”. 

einhorn, a German condom brand, which only started up in 2015 stands for a young generation of businesses which define their role for sustainable development with a strong conviction and a new outlook. Waldemar Zeiler, Managing Director of einhorn, says in connection with the membership: “We want to build up einhorn as a profitable company, and to work with the business to improve conditions for people and the environment. This is the reason why we will reinvest 50 % of the profits in sustainable projects. Protecting biological diversity is a key element of our approach. We are committed to protecting biodiversity, particularly at the start of our supply chain in the rubber plantations in Malaysia.”

einhorn’s “fairstainability approach” is aimed at achieving their ambitious and work-intensive goal of setting up a sustainable supply chain right from the start. The company intends to procure its main raw material – natural rubber or latex – from plantations which use cultivation methods which maximise the protection of biodiversity. It achieves this by establishing wide-ranging local cooperation activities. Its scientific partner for the further development of sustainable rubber cultivation in Malaysia is the University of Hohenheim. 

“Companies such as einhorn are fantastic ambassadors for the preservation of biological diversity, and impressively demonstrate how small companies as well can uncompromisingly take over responsibility for their supply chains. The other members of 'Biodiversity in Good Company' are all well established companies. We will be able to learn a great deal from one another,” says Chairwoman of the organisation Dr. Stefanie Eichiner, from the forestry and paper company UPM.

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