Commerzbank AG and Corbiota GmbH


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Commerzbank AG and Corbiota GmbH

Two companies joined our Initiative in the past months. We welcome new allies in the urgent need to intergate biodiversity within sustainability manamgement systems.

Commerzbank AG is a German, internationally active universal bank headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. Climate, environmental and species protection are important aspects of their corporate responsibility in practice - alongside social concerns such as human rights or equal participation. Therefore, sustainability is one of the four pillars of their Strategy 2024. By joining ´Biodiversity in Good Company´ Initiative  and committing to the goals of the International Convention on Biological Diversity, Commerzbank aims to deepen their efforts on behalf of biodiversity and anchor them even more firmly in their banking strategy in the future.

Commerzbank AG joint the ´Biodiversity in Good Company´ Initiative last March. More details about Commerzbank engagement for biodiversity can be found on the member´s profile page.


Corbiota GmbH is a startup company headquarted in Düsseldorf, operating in the sector of complete animal feed and vermicompost.

"We as Corbiota want to redefine industrial animal nutrition by introducing a natural solution backed by science. We feed special live worms fully pathogen free to young animals right at the beginning of the rearing period to transfer complex microbiota. When administered to young animals such as chicks but also piglets or companion animals they enable optimal health and growth. Specifically they support the eubiosis, the natural balance of microorganisms in the gut."

Over the next years we have big plans to redefine livestock at scale by transferring the knowledge to other species such as piglets or companion animals.  Our goal is to create a new category and to become the new standard for natural animal health and welfare solutions which increase productivity with full sustainability and CO2 positive standards.
We are proud to be part of the initative „Biodiversity in Good Company“ as we always want to broaden our network following the same goals. The initiative brings together companies with highest values for sustainability and biodiversity and its statues are as strong as visionary

Corbiota joined the ´Biodiversity in Good Company´ Initiative in August 2022. More details about Corbiota can be found on the member´s profile page.