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    Correlations between loss of biodiversity and global pandemics

    The current rapid and dramatic spreading of COVID-19 opens again the debate on the loss of biodiversity as a contributing cause for global pandemics.

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    GIZ Climate and Environmental Report: sustainable mobility is crucial

    Cover des Berichts

    On the road to climate neutrality in 2020: business trips are the biggest contributing factor to greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore offer the greatest potential for savings.

  • ForestFinance |

    Vanilla, cocoa and species protection: News from the ForestFinance cocoa forests in Panama

    Faultier in Baum

    Cocoa plantations are often monocultures with few species and working conditions that hardly meet international standards. Not so the Finca Rio Uyama of ForestFinance in Panama: Here, UTZ-certified fine flavoured cocoa grows in a real forest, together with various trees and plants.

  • HeidelbergCement |

    HeidelbergCement: Supporting the Mono Transboundary Biosphere Reserve

    Hippo im Wasser

    Across the southernmost section of the border between Benin and Togo there is an area which provides habitats for a wide variety of animal species, some which are highly endangered. During recent decades this area has been under threat due to human impact. Since 2017, UNESCO has recognized this area as a Biosphere Reserve due to its rich biodiversity, including some critically endangered species, and role in providing important ecosystem service.

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    One-to-one meeting between Mr Raúl Ledesma Huerta, Minister of the Environment of Ecuador, and Dr. Katrin Reuter, CEO of ´Biodiversity in Good Company´

    Gruppenbild Dr. Katrin Reuter, Dr. Christoph Hauser, Raúl Ledesma Huerta

    On February, 5 an informative meeting took place between Mr Raúl Ledesma Huerta, Ecuadorian Minister of the Environment, and Dr. Katrin Reuter, CEO of the 'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative.

  • Saraya |

    Saraya honourably mentioned at 2019 RSPO Excellence Awards

    Our member Saraya was honourably mentioned at the 2019 RSPO Excellence Awards for their long-term effort in conservation of wildlife on the ground along the Kinabatangan River in Sabah.

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    Business for Nature business consultation survey

    Business for Nature (BfN) is a recently started international initiative of a range of organizations with the aim to convene a strong business voice for biodiversity in 2020.

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    Aleph Wins the Japan Awards for Biodiversity

    Präsentatio auf Preisverleihung

    Our member company Aleph was awarded with the Excellence Award at the “Japan Awards for Biodiversity” by the AEON Environmental Foundation. Aleph was awarded for its efforts on sustainable sourcing of rice, which reduced use of agrochemicals and contributed positively to biodiversity.


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    HeidelbergCement Sponsors Ecological Restoration conference

    Messestand von HeidelbergCement auf Konferenz

    The end of September saw over 800 delegates from 66 countries gather at the tip of the African continent for the 8th International conference of the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER). With representatives from academia, non-governmental organisations, local government agencies, business and the United Nations, the focus was very much on restoring land, water and community resilience, and laying the path towards the UN decade on ecosystem restoration, which starts in 2021. Building on a developing partnership with SER, HeidelbergCement was proud to sponsor the international conference for a second time.

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    European Commission publishes guidance on working with nature

    The European Commission published two guidance documents on 'Working with nature to resolve urgent societal challenges'. The new tools are intended to help planners, policymakers and businesses solve socio-economic challenges, while also protecting and restoring Europe's nature.