SARAYA erhält Gold-Auszeichnung beim japanischen Eco Mark Award 2015


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SARAYA wins 'Eco Mark Award 2015’ Gold Prize

Saraya is proud to announce winning the Gold Prize at the ‘Eco Mark Award 2015’ held by the Japan Environment Association (JEA). The prize recognises Saraya’s commitment to producing and promoting environmentally friendly products.

Eco Mark was established in 1989 by JEA – a member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) – to provide an environmental labelling scheme consistent with ISO 14020 and ISO 14024. It remains the only certified ‘type I’ environmental labelling program in Japan.

In 2010 JEA launched the Eco Mark Award, to give special recognition to companies making exceptional efforts in the production and promotion of eco-friendly products. The awards aims to give greater awareness of such products to consumers and in turn encourage manufacturers to contribute more to making a sustainable society. The Gold Prize is the highest level of recognition, only awarded to one company each year.

Saraya has had many products bearing the Eco Mark certification, including the iconic Yashinomi detergent and Shavonet hand soap brands since 1990. Other environmental initiatives include the introduction of waste-reducing refill pouches in 1982, which continue to be a key part of Saraya’s consumer product lineup to this day. It is this sustained commitment to the environment and environmental standards including Eco Mark which the Gold Prize recognises and celebrates. Saraya proudly accepts the award and will continue striving to promote environmentally responsible products into the future.

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