REWE Group neues Mitglied der Initiative


New Member:

REWE Group Joins the Initiative

The REWE Group, a leading trade and tourism company in Germany and Europe, has become a member of the Initiative. REWE Group’s membership illustrates the company’s dedication to preserving and sustainably using biological diversity as defined in its sustainability strategy. Nicola Tanaskovic, head of sustainability projects, will represent the company at the Initiative’s regular meetings. 

As part of its principles for sustainable business practices, the REWE Group has embedded biodiversity protection into its management policies. The Group’s “Guideline for Sustainable Business Practices” confirms its commitment in this area by stating it shall work towards preserving and better protecting natural ecosystems. It is for this reason that it supports the goals of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). During the company’s most recent 2011 sustainability dialogs, which covered a myriad of environmental topics, biodiversity was a major matter of discussion. A special panel titled “Together for Wildlife and Plant Life” was convened and dedicated to the topics of biodiversity and agriculture, wild fish, and the question of animal protection and welfare (for documentation in German see: In 2010, the REWE Group founded its own PRO PLANET label, which it set up to act as a guide for responsible consumption. The label incorporates the protection of species as one of the criteria the Group considers during the labeling process (information in German on

The REWE Group is Germany’s and Europe’s leading trade and tourism group with a yearly sales volume of more 53 billion Euros (2010) and currently over 310,000 employees. For more information about the Group’s sustainability strategy see:

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