REWE Group: 400.000 Euro für nachhaltigeren Bananenanbau


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REWE Group invests another 400,000 euros in promoting more sustainable banana production

The REWE Group is striving to improve banana production in South and Central America as well as combating the ecological and social issues that surround it. By means of its Banana Fund, set up in 2014, the REWE Group funds local projects in Costa Rica and Panama. Just recently the company added another 400,000 euros to the fund which now has a volume of 1 million euros. The funding also benefits biodiversity and ecosystem services.

In Changuinola, Panama, for example, 30 hectares of former grazing land in a nature conservation area will be reforested in order to close up forest gaps. This will allow plants to grow without hindrance and offer sanctuary to threatened species of animals.

270,000 euros of the new funding resulted from a sustainability campaign conducted in the company's supermarkets in April 2016. In this supermarket campaign, the REWE Group pledged to contribute 10 euro cents to the fund for every kilogram of „REWE Beste Wahl“ oder „Chiquita“ bananas sold. The company then donated the amount necessary to make a round total figure of 400,000 euros.

Background information on the Banana Fund in English

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