Pressemitteilung: Veolia Deutschland neues Mitglied der 'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative


Press Release: Veolia Germany New Member of the Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative

Berlin, 31 March 2014. Today Veolia Germany joined the 'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative and signed the "Leadership Declaration" of the enterprise network. The environmental service provider made the announcement during the dialog board "Unternehmen Biologische Vielfalt 2020", to which the federal ministry of environment in Berlin had invited. In 'Biodiversity in Good Company', pioneering companies of various industries have joined forces to engage in the protection and the sustainable use of biodiversity.  They thus make an important contribution to implementing the international "Convention on Biological Diversity" (CBD). 

On this occasion, Etienne Petit, the country director of Veolia in Germany said: “We acknowledge our responsibility and do want to limit the impact that our economic activities have on the ecosystems. The protection of the biological diversity is part of the core business of Veolia and a major concern in our sustainability program.”

Veolia is operating in the fields of water and sanitation, waste management, energy supply and public utilities. All those fields have a close connection to the environmental protection and the natural conservation. In the field of water and sanitation for example, Veolia is using biological diversity for a near-natural creation of processes, especially in the extraction of drinking water through bank filtration or the biological purifying of sewage water.

A professional waste management focusing in particular on recycling management contributes to the conservation of resources, habitats and species. The land consumption for facilities or the emissions of vehicles on the other hand have a negative impact. Sylke Freudenthal, representative for the sustainable development of Veolia in Germany believes that: “As a company we can only succeed permanently, when we develop us in a sustainable way and effectively connect our economic objectives with ecological and social aspects.”

Through local and national co-operations, the promotion of projects for the protection of species and ecosystems and practice-oriented research projects, Veolia wants to contribute to the protection of biological diversity. Since 2010 for instance, Veolia has been cooperating with the “NABU Bundesverband”. The cooperation on the one hand covers the united engagement for the renaturation of the Havel and on the other hand the analysis of the facilities concerning biodiversity. Together with regional partners Veolia is gradually improving its measures to generate multiple benefits: As well as creating better living conditions for various plants and species, they above all motivate employees and are a main motive for getting in touch with clients, customers and the public sector.

Veolia stands for environmental services: Veolia is a competent partner for municipalities, industrial plant and the public sector. With its three business fields of water/sewage water, waste management and energy/ local utilities, Veolia covers a unique scope of environmental services ranging from the treatment of drinking water and the environmental friendly treatment of sewage water, waste disposal and the recycling of materials up to the supply of energy and the offering of efficient services for the industrial sector. Veolia supports its customers to deal responsible within the meaning of a good recycling management with natural resources. Therefore the company also makes a contribution to reconcile human development with the requirements of climate protection. 


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