Neustart 'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative


New start 'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative

After the end of the German CBD Presidency, the member companies have now established new structures to function as a Business Initiative. A coordination office has been set up in Berlin and is in charge of the project management. The coordination office handles the operations of the Initiative in consultation with a members‘ elected Steering Committee, and implements the decisions taken.

Our member companies are ready to take on responsibility to contribute to the preservation of biological diversity and enter into a dialogue with policy and society. They see the Initiative as a platform for learning and dialogue and want to set an example for other companies through, inter alia, the communication of best practices. The content-related work will be approached in project partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as research institutes. In addition, several companies are engaged in an international supply-chain management project with the GIZ.

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