Neue Studie zu Lieferkettenrisiken durch Rückgang wilder Bestäuber


Studies and Publications:

New report on supply chain resilience in the face of pollinator decline

The decline in pollinators has become an issue of common concern. The Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) has now published a report targeting emerging supply chain risks and ways to cope with them.

It is aimed at companies with agricultural supply chains who wish to gain a better understanding of the potential risks to their business posed by the decline of wild pollinators and how this translates to a business case for action. The publication presents the results of a year-long project aimed at improving the understanding of pollination risk within private sector supply chains.

Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Fauna & Flora International, University of East Anglia, & UNEP-WCMC (2017) The pollination deficit: Towards supply chain resilience in the face of pollinator decline. UNEP WCMC, Cambridge, UK, 42 pp. (PDF download)

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