ISO hat Arbeiten an Standard 14.008 aufgenommen



Natural capital in the focus of ISO 14.008

The International Organization for Standardization ISO has recently begun to develop ISO 14008 - "Monetary valuation of environmental impacts from specific emissions and use of natural resources", which is planned to be published at the end of 2018 as a non-certifiable standard.

The proposed standard will only address some basic parts of this area by providing a common framework and common terms. It will not prescribe what shall be included in a valuation but intends to make it more transparent what is behind the numbers and how they have been determined. The rationale for ISO to engage in this area is that there is already a strong trend in monetary assessments by government (i.e. the polluter pays principle), private sector (in reporting, risk assessment etc.) and academia, and clarification is needed.

More information at ISO website

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