Launch des Online Portals zum ‚Handbuch Biodiversitätsmanagement‘


Launch of web portal of the ‚Corporate Biodiversity Management Handbook‘

The new web portal for the ‘Corporate Biodiversity Management Handbook’ is now available on the ‘Biodiversity in Good Company’ Initiative homepage.

The web portal contains extensive descriptions of best-practice examples and further helpful links to detailed information on specific topics. With its interlinking structure, the online version of the handbook provides an especially good overview of the interconnected nature of business and biodiversity and respectively the various fields for action. Soon checklists to directly analyse your company with regard to biodiversity management will also be available online.

Along with the online version, a downloadable PDF version of the handbook with additional information is available here. Due to the high demand for the print version a reprint will be available soon and can be ordered from the Ministry for the Environment.

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