ForestFinance unterstützt Biodiversitäts-Studie des WWF


ForestFinance Supports Biodiversity Survey of WWF

Bonn/Vichada. ForestFinance is supporting the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) biodiversity survey conducted in forest projects around the Orinoco River. The finca La Paz in Colombia was chosen as one of four project areas where the pilot project “Promoting biodiversity conservation on privately managed productive forest areas and pasture land” will be implemented.

The survey will be conducted by the WWF in the frame of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) during a period of three years. Its objectives are to examine the influence of private forest projects on the biodiversity in the region and to determine whether the projects have a positive impact. The finca La Paz in Vichada, where the investor forests of ForestFinance are located, is part of the protection programme. A total of 645 animal and plant species were recorded on the area.

The ForestFinance forest engineer Luisa Abache was appointed project responsible. Part of her responsibilities is the quarterly biodiversity monitoring on the areas. The UN programme aims at the improvement of institutional and political framework to support the conservation of biodiversity on private property in Colombia. To this end, new regulations have to be decreed and adapted and institutional bodies have to be supported in their work on site. The local farmers are also involved in the process and receive support in sustainable land use management, forestry and farming. The monitoring of the forest and pasture land facilitates progress reports. “We are particularly experienced in this regard and gladly assist this environmental protection programme with our expertise,” says Luisa Abache.

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