Expertendiskussion zu TEEB-Studie


DGCN and Biodiversity in Good Company Host Expert Discussion

The Global Compact Network Germany (Deutsches Global Compact Netzwerk-DGCN), a business driven multi-stakeholder network, acts as an active learning and dialogue platform for the implementation of sustainability principles. In accordance with the International Year of Biodiversity, in 2010 DGCN is hosting workshops and other events concerning biological diversity. Together with the ‘Biodiversity in Good Company’ Initiative, members from both organisations benefit from concerted efforts to bring about the exchange of ideas and experiences.

On June 8, DGCN and the ‘Biodiversity in Good Company’ Initiative hosted a workshop focused on the practical integration of biodiversity goals at the management level. Udo Gattenlöhner from the Global Nature Fund moderated the event and provided his technical expertise in the field, thereby creating an excellent environment for learning and communication. Following the session on biodiversity and management, Edgar Endrukaitis took the floor and moderated the talk about the soon to be released TEEB study. Businesses are hoping the TEEB study will help facilitate corporate communication on biodiversity by improving the systematisation and categorisation of information about this topic.

Although a number of new communication channels have now been opened, which enable political dialogue on environmental protection, NGOs stress that the quantifiable value of nature should not be the one single basis in evaluating nature’s worth.

For a comprehensive event report and access to conference materials, visit the Global Compact's website (German and English).

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