Zusammenhang globale Pandemien und Verlust der Biodiversität



Correlations between loss of biodiversity and global pandemics

The current rapid and dramatic spreading of COVID-19 opens again the debate on the loss of biodiversity as a contributing cause for global pandemics.

Urgent solutions have been introduced to decelerate the risk of infection among humans in a short- and medium-term. More long-term solutions can be put in place if habitats and ecosystems can be protected and taken into account within risk provisions. In fact, it is increasingly being accepted that biodiversity is not to be considered as a mere source for resources: its conservation is an indispensable premise for human health, healthy ecosystems and for the functioning of the economy.

Below you can find a selection of recent publications in English dedicated to the correlation between the loss of biodiversity and the danger of pandemics. This overview will regularly be updated and is not exhaustive.

Further articles in German 

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