'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative auf der SusCon


'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative at SusCon

As part of this year’s SusCon, the ‘Biodiversity in Good Company’ Initiative has organised a thematic session on Corporate Biodiversity Management. During this session, one of the initiative’s key projects, the new “Corporate Biodiversity Management Handbook”, will be presented. Additionally, initiative member companies will report on their experiences with biodiversity management and be available to answer questions and discuss issues.
For more information about this event click here or contact Elena Brandes (elena.brandes(at); +49 (0)30 726 14 496).

The SusCon in Nuremberg, Germany (June 15 – 16) is an international conference on sustainable business practices. Additional topics handled include new business models, social entrepreneurship, climate change, consumption and lifestyle, verification and certification and finally, offset programmes and biodiversity protection. The fair aims to bring together a variety of actors from SMEs and multinational companies, through international organisations and NGOs, to politicians and the media in order to collectively discuss and develop realistic solutions for the environment.
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