Beraca on the spotlight at in-cosmetics 2014


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Beraca on the spotlight at in-cosmetics 2014

Brazilian biodiversity: Brazil nut

Global leading supplier of ingredients from the Brazilian biodiversity, Beraca is the sponsor of in-cosmetics’ first Country Focus, which will explore how Brazil has become one of the powerhouse nations in the C&T industry.
Located at stand 4E50, Beraca will showcase its Sociobiodiversity Enhancement Program as part of the Brazil Trail feature at the world’s largest business platform for personal care ingredients, to be held in Hamburg, 1 – 3 April.

Due to its commitment to the development of natural ingredients sustainably sourced from the Brazilian biodiversity and their promotion worldwide, Beraca was invited by in-cosmetics to be the sponsor of its first Country Focus feature, which will shed a light on Brazil’s beauty and personal care market.

With a dedicated program of events designed to unveil Brazil’s unique ingredients, market trends and ever-growing industry, Brazil Country Focus will be a remarkable opportunity for Beraca to showcase its product portfolio as well as its many socio-environmental projects carried out in partnership with rural communities throughout Brazil.

As part of the Brazil Trail feature, Beraca will present its Sociobiodiversity Enhancement Program, a life-changing initiative that has inspired companies from over 40 countries to use natural and organic ingredients sustainably sourced from Brazil’s flora. Since the program’s inception, in 2000, Beraca has been promoting alternative sources of income for more than 1,600 people, while preserving the country’s precious natural resources.

Ingredient highlight – Beraca will also take part in in-cosmetics’ Innovation Seminars program, with a presentation on Beraca’s Patauá Oil by R&D supervisor Juliana Tiberio Checon. The 100 % natural, highly moisturizing ingredient has high fatty acid and protein levels, helping to protect and nourish the scalp. In a 21-day study on chemically damaged scalp, Beraca’s Patauá oil reduced significantly the redness of the scalp through its soothing properties, as well as lowering the flaking rate by 43 %.

Obtained through a vacuum refining method, the Patauá Oil has a high oleic acid content (75 %) and a light, non-greasy feel. The ingredient can be used as a substitute for olive oil in skin care and hair care formulations due to similarities in their fatty acid chain. Like all other ingredients featured in Beraca’s RainForest Specialties range, the Patauá Oil is sustainably manufactured, ensuring the conservation of natural resources, social and economic welfare of local communities involved in its production, and the traceability of its supply chain.

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