Bienen und Bäume für mehr Vielfalt: ForestFinance-Aktionen in Deutschland, Kolumbien und Panama


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Bees and Trees for More Biodiversity: ForestFinance Activities in Germany, Colombia and Panama

„Grupo Alfa“ in Aktion

ForestFinance develops sustainable reforestation projects in Asia, Germany and Central America, promoting biodiversity around the world. On the occasion of the International Day for Biological Diversity, the company implements additional activities, supporting species protection at the project locations in Panama, Colombia and Germany.

Panama: pupils compare plant diversity in mixed forest and monoculture plantations

For some time now, ForestFinance has been supporting the environmental project group “Grupo Alfa”, which consists of pupils from schools in Las Lajas, at the biodiversity hotspot Panama. In May, the company showed eight pupils exemplary how to conduct aspecies monitoring: Silke Berger,  ForestFinance employee, guided the children through a 14-year-old ForestFinance forest on the finca Los Rios 3 and through a neighbouring teak monoculture in order to determine which plant species grow there. The pupils marked a plot measuring 30 by 30 metres on both areas and collected leaves, blossoms and seeds within them. Afterwards, the group evaluated the collected material in the ForestFinance office. Whereas the pupils had found a whole 46 different plant species in the ForestFinance forest, they had collected only 18 on the teak plantation.

All participants have already signed up for the second part of the project, which is scheduled for the International Day of Biological Diversity on the 22nd of May. The pupils will then evaluate the plant diversity on the forest area close to their school.

New trees for Colombia

ForestFinance is also planning an activity on the occasion of the International Day of Biological Diversity at its new project location in Colombia. Together with several other organisations, the company sponsors a tree planting event organised by the German-Colombian Industrial Chamber of Commerce: more than 300 participants will plant 1,500 seedlings in Neusa near Bogotá under the slogan “Cooperation for the Environment”.

Bees are welcome: insect-friendly office in Bonn

The ForestFinance team at Bonn, Germany, also takes part in the activities surrounding the International Day of Biological Diversity. By installing an “insect hotel” at the office, the former provides a new habitat for the nesting and hibernating of small animals within the city.

“Everyone can contribute to the survival of wild bees, which are particularly important for biodiversity due to their pollination performance, by installing a bee hotel on their balcony,” explains ForestFinance CEO Harry Assenmacher. “Since we do not only attach importance to environmental protection in our forests but also in the office, we attempt to set a good example.”

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