Audi schafft naturnahen Lebensraum für Tiere und Pflanzen und engagiert sich für die biologische Vielfalt



Audi creates near-natural habitat for animals and plants on 17 hectares of its plant site in Münchsmünster


Audi has transformed 17 hectares of land on the Audi production site in Münchsmünster into a near-natural habitat for animals and plants. So far, 112 plant species have developed there and around 90 species of wild bees have settled there.

The company has already developed a comprehensive concept for the Audi production facility in Münchsmünster near Ingolstadt to create habitats for numerous animal and plant species. Audi has designed 17 hectares of the 31-hectare plant site to be as natural as possible. In Münchsmünster, 112 species of meadow plants are currently growing. By way of comparison, only about ten different species thrive on conventional industrial meadows. The biotope-like Audi site includes rough meadows and areas for perennial plants and trees. Audi has also integrated a meadow garden, deadwood areas and a stream with a rich structure into the concept. The design of the site is continually being optimized and is supported by biologists.

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