Business and Biodiversity: Objectives



The ‘Biodiversity in Good Company’ Initiative aims at

  • encouraging companies to integrate biodiversity and ecosystem services into their environmental and sustainability management systems and practice
  • supporting individual campanies' commitment and gain new members
  • participating in the development of biodiversity business cases and practical business opportunities for action
  • serving as a platform for learning from each other ‘in good company’ on how to improve biodiversity management
  • leading as good examples and working together to create public awareness that mobilizes business innovation potential
  • engaging in national and international dialogue with civil society and governments and forging new alliances to achieve goals together.

Mission Statement 

By signing the Initiative’s Leadership Declaration, the companies commit themselves to individual aims and progress:

  1. Analyzing corporate activities with regard to their impacts on biological diversity
  2. Including the protection of biological diversity within their environmental management system
  3. Appointing a responsible individual within the company to steer all activities in the biodiversity sector and report to the Management Board
  4. Defining realistic, measurable objectives that are monitored and adjusted every two to three years
  5. Publishing activities and achievements in the biodiversity sector in the company’s annual, environmental, and/or corporate social responsibility report
  6. Informing suppliers about the company’s biodiversity objectives and integrating suppliers accordingly and step by step
  7. Exploring the potential for cooperation with scientific institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and/or governmental institutions with the aim of deepening dialogue
  8. and continuously improving the corporate management system vis-à-vis the biodiversity domain.
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