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Weleda has been manufacturing natural cosmetic products and anthroposophical medical treatments for 90 years. The products are based on natural raw materials. The plants used are mainly organically or biodynamically grown or wildcrafted. They also include protected plant species such as Arnica montana. This is why the preservation of biological diversity is a guiding principle of Weleda’s commercial operations.

By signing the Leadership Declaration and taking part in the Business & Biodiversity Initiative 'Biodiversity in Good Company', Weleda hopes to establish the preservation of biological diversity even more firmly within the company and, at the same time, raise awareness among other companies and the public and motivate them to become similarly involved. 

The company has a designated officer for the protection of listed species, who is responsible for the identification of such species and the implementation of the relevant legislation. It is the job of environmental management to map biological diversity in the environmental management system. This means informing and advising all the relevant departments and processes within the company and working together with them to draw up measures designed to preserve biodiversity. To do this, it is important to analyse the company’s impact on biodiversity in order to develop appropriate measurable indicators. Weleda is working towards this in conjunction with companies involved in the Business & Biodiversity Initiative. A variety of media and promotional campaigns are used to inform staff, suppliers, customers and the public about the importance of preserving biological diversity. Weleda is collaborating with universities and NGOs on a number of projects to promote sustainable wildcrafting and the cultivation of plants. Cultivation and wildcrafting projects consistently strive for fair commercial dealings and a balance of interests with local suppliers.

Weleda will continue to work on the preservation and promotion of biodiversity by systematically implementing the Leadership Declaration.


Supply chain management – Direct local involvement

  • Direct purchase results in widespread independence from traders and speculators in the raw materials markets.
  • Win-win situation: Weleda receives the required quality and quantity. The suppliers have a guaranteed buyer at fixed prices.
  • Plants grow in protected habitats and species diversity is preserved.

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Arlesheim, Switzerland

Major Products
Anthroposophic medicines, natural bodycare

Global turnover 2014
364.3 million Euro

Global employees

Progress Reports to Biodiversity in Good Company's Leadership Declaration

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Progress Report Leadership Declaration 2013/2014

Progress Report Leadership Declaration 2011/2012

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