Business and Biodiversity: MARS, Incorporated

MARS, Incorporated


Have you ever thought about where a Mars product comes from?  Have you ever considered that Mars Germany is committed to protecting biodiversity? 

Mars Germany is a founding member of the 'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative and has signed the Leadership Declaration. For Mars, biodiversity is imperative for their business because many of the ingredients they use are only able to thrive long-term in a biologically diverse environment. Therefore, Mars sees business actions and biodiversity as being very closely linked.

Mars translated its business objectives into three pillars known as the Triple Bottom Line: “Performance - People – Planet”. Mars has put its objective of business success on par with its commitment to people and sustaining our planet. The company has set targets to manufacture all their products CO2 neutral by 2040. Raising energy efficiency and moving to sources of renewable energy are other important building blocks needed to achieve this goal.

In the field of logistics, Mars has developed a sustainable distribution network of consumer goods in Germany through a cooperation with competitors that allows for a joint use of vehicle fleets.

An internal management system at Mars based on ISO 9000 ff and 14000 ff ensures their compliance with these standards and the further development of highest environmental, quality and safety standards.


An important part of Mars Germany’s business to ensure the sustainable use of resources for the future of its product.

Seventy percent of the global cocoa production comes from West Africa. More than 10 million people in West Africa depend on cocoa for their livelihoods. Mars is supporting these smallholders to achieve a better position of acting as a buffer against the continued destruction of biodiversity in these cocoa-growing regions. This is done by breeding disease-resistant strains of cocoa that use water and nutrients more efficiently and then making them available to the farmers. The efforts of Mars are targeted at preserving biodiversity and consequently supporting the sustainability of cocoa cultivation. This will help to ensure the long-term cocoa supply, while at the same time enabling farming communities to achieve social and economic prosperity.


McLean (Virginia), USA

413 sites and
134 manufacturing sites
in 73 countries

Major products
Petcare, chocolate, food

Global turnover 2014
33 billion US-Dollar

Global employees 2014
app. 75,000

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