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Hebenstreit & Kentrup

Why and how we are committed to biodiversity

The Bestattungshaus Hebenstreit & Kentrup is a family-run funeral home operating in North Rhine-Westfalia. With the project „Die Grüne Linie“ (“The green line”) they offer an environmentally compatible funeral service including biodiversity and environmental sustainability in all operational steps: stones are locally sourced, wood derives from sustainable forestry, garments are 100% degradable, flower and plant decorations are seasonal, graveyards are considered in their whole as biotopes to preserve.


With its project "The Green Line" ("Die Grüne Linie") Hebenstreit & Kentrup won the special award in the national competition on biodiversity in supply chains for the private sector “Die Lieferkette lebt. Lieferketten gestalten, biologische Vielfalt erhalten” – “The supply chain is alive. Shaping supply chains and saving biological diversity”. The award was launched by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) and the 'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative. Part of the special award is a one-year membership in our initiative.

Further information on the competition (in German)

FactBox Hebenstreit & Kentrup

Headquarters: Bonn

Major products: burials, grief counseling

Global employees: 8