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Why and how we are committed to biodiversity

followfood does not consider itself as a conventional company, but rather as a movement for sustainable, transparent and holistic food production with entrepreneurial responsibility for the entire value chain.

In 2007, we launched the followfish brand in an effort to save the seas and revolutionize the fishing industry. The aim is to regenerate ecosystems through alternative consumption options and to combine the recovery of ecosystems with productivity. We were not only the first sustainable fish brand, but also the first with a tracking code: Traceability back into the water. We make transparent what we do and contribute to a new consumer behaviour.

In order to do justice to the holistic nature of our claim and the circularity of ecosystems, we expanded our focus from the oceans to the soil and established the followfood umbrella brand. With the mission "With nature instead of against it" we have set ourselves the goal of showing what sustainable food production can look like.

We want to offer consumers an ecological alternative and make responsible consumption possible. Thus we do not see our entrepreneurial purpose in the sale of products, but see ourselves as a role model for responsible eco-social management with the aim of harmonizing social actions and ecosystems. The sale of products is merely a means to an end: our medium through which we communicate, inform, change, act and become capable of action.

Our customer orientation is synonymous with our human image. We believe in people who strive for the good, the beautiful and the healthy. We are convinced that the longing for a healthy, beautiful and diverse world lives in every human being. It is our vision to reach this desire and to bring it into people's consciousness. We are aware that demanding consumers can shape the world together with responsible companies. This is what we count on.

Our client: Ecosystems. Because they are our basis of life and as human beings and companies we are part of it. Whether in the soil, the oceans, plants or animals - biodiversity is central. The diversity of living organisms in our systems not only regenerates them, but also makes them more resistant and worth living. Supporting them is our core and our motivation to be part of the 'Biodiversity in Good Company' initiative. Companies in particular should feel a responsibility for the biodiversity of our ecosystems, because they control what is bought and sold, how it is produced, how topics are communicated. We are driven by this responsibility!

Our mission: to do the best we can while rethinking the limits of what is possible. We rely on the highest possible eco-social standards and certifications for our products and at the same time have our own criteria which go beyond the available standards. What's more, we are constantly working on further developing existing food production and trying to make sustainable methods together with farmers and fishers marketable.



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