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einhorn (which means "unicorn") wants to use the business power to solve the world’s pressing challenges and to create a positive social and environmental hoof print throughout our condom’s value chain. That is our vision and why we founded einhorn.

Within the first year, we analysed the impact a condom and its production is having on humans and the environment. We see the most important sustainability topic at the beginning of our value chain: on the rubber plantations in Malaysia. We started our first projects here. Rubber grows in so-called biodiversity hotspots - mostly in monoculture. Although being one of the most important agricultural products worldwide, rubber did not receive much attention regarding sustainability aspects, especially compared to other commodities. 

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    Bring back the forest to rubber

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    Rubber is grown in neat rows in monocultures. But in South Thailand some farmers are cultivating rubber in agroforestry systems. How this is done and what benefits they are taking out of it you can watch in a video produced by einhorn.

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