Business and Biodiversity: Topics/Activities


What the Initiative Does

In order to achieve its objectives, the 'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative contributes in a variety of ways to the national and international understanding of biodiversity and business. It accomplishes this by engaging in stakeholder dialogue and supporting hands on, concrete aspects of protecting biodiversity through business practices. The initiative acts as an institution − but what especially counts is the commitment and progress in the individual member companies.

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To Manage Biodiversity

The question of how to manage biodiversity is at the core of the initiative's work and the focus of the Leadership Declaration.

Companies use well-established management processes and systems in order to steer all their important topics and act in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner. There are various standards and norms available for adapted usage both by small enterprises and huge multinational companies. In order to contribute effectively to protecting biological diversity, it is essential to integrate biodiversity as an issue into the logic of these processes and systems, such as Environmental Management Systems according to ISO or EMAS. This enables companies to identify risks and opportunities, as well as their impacts and dependencies - the basis for effective action.

However, there are various opportunities for companies beyond their core business responsibility to take action for preserving our natural capital, as well. They can help finance nature conservancy measures, enter cooperations with Environment NGOs or involve their staff in local and regional projects.