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Native Organics

Native Organics

Our company's mission is to 'generate value through sustainable agriculture'. The Leadership Declaration complements this mission by formally signalling our commitment to sustainability. It is also an opportunity for us to demonstrate our particular approach to biodiversity, which strives to harmonise our agricultural practices with the wild fauna.

Project 1: Green Cane Project

São Paulo State, Brazil
Integrated agro-ecological production system, named The Green Cane Project, now compromises 14,000 ha of certified organic farms. In 2002 we hired a specialised team to raise an inventory of existing vertebrates on our farms. So far we have found 312 species, 245 of which are considered rare. The findings showed that the biodiversity on our farms is 23 times higher than on conventional farms.

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Sertãozinho, Brazil

Product Segment
Organic sugar production

Global Turnover 2008/09
111 Million Euro

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