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Without Biological Diversity No Economic Diversity

Protecting our "natural capital": The 'Biodiversity in Good Company' Initiative is a cross-sectorial collaboration of companies that have joined forces to protect and sustainably use our worldwide biological diversity. Through this commitment they contribute to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Its aim is to halt the dramatic loss of ecosystems, species and genetic diversity. undefinedRead more about the initiative undefinedBecome a member

Please note the English and Japanese website provide some basic information on the initiative. The German website is more comprehensive.

Statement by Yusuke Saraya, President SARAYA Co., Ltd

Yusuke Saraya, President of SARAYA Co., Ltd, during CoP 11 in Hyderabad

»SARAYA strives to be a global citizen by example. We combine sustainability with development, contribute to biodiversity conservation in Borneo, and work to improve the hygienic conditions of the Base of Pyramid societies.« 

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Statement by Anton-Wolfgang Graf von Faber-Castell, CEO of Faber-Castell AG

Photo Anton-Wolfgang Graf von Faber-Castell, CEO of Faber-Castell AG

»It is a matter of great importance to me, not to economise at the expense of my successors as well as to use raw materials, which do not account for any harm of humans or nature. For myself, as an entrepreneur, it is self-evident to earn money in a decent manner. The integrity, based on values such as social and ecological responsibility, reliance, honesty and fair interaction amongst one another, can by all means be combined with a healthy striving for long-term profitability.« 

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Statement by Dai Shoji, President Aleph Inc.

Dai Shoji, President of Aleph Inc.

»Food industry cannot exist without using many natural resources. So we want to serve customers with safe and healthy meals in cooperation with suppliers while having a profound understanding of soil fertility of farmland, as well as environment conditions and ecosystems that affect farming business.« 

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